Sunday, 23 December 2012

Augmented Reality Science AR App

Augmented Reality in Education is here. The Science AR App has arrived and transforming classroom pedagogy around
the world. The App comes with free educational posters that can be downloaded from
Simply download the Science AR App, hold your mobile device to parts of the poster and watch the educational posters
come alive with video, 3D models and detailed images.
Augmented Reality in schools will bring about greater engagement and personalised learning. Worksheets are coming but I would love to see teachers creating their own versions.
If you would like to tell the world about the Science AR App please e-mail Paul directly. I have some free A1 printed
posters that are laminated ready to send to you. These will go out to teachers with the most creative and innovative ways
of telling the world how you are using the Science AR app in your classroom.
Email Paul at for your chance to win.

Augmented Reality in Education

Saturday, 22 December 2012

Science AR app - augmented reality coming soon.

2013 promises to be an amazing time for classrooms across the globe with the Science AR app due for official release January 3rd 2013. Get your educational posters for free and printed ready for the release of this ground breaking educational app. Partnering with the power of Aurasma, the Science AR app has been eagerly anticipated for some time.

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Free Augmented Reality Posters

The first of the Science AR app free educational posters is NOW available. Science AR app not yet available. Hopefully January the 3rd!

You may download as a high resolution PDF and print as many times as your school wants. You may not re-sell the poster for monetary gain but can forward on to other teachers.

Here is the link to both the EARTH free poster and the WATER CYCLE poster.

Watch the poster come alive with amazing rich digital media when you download the Science AR app from the app store in January.