Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Augmented Reality to introduce Maths concept

In this Augmented Educational experiment I used 2 Apps. Aurasma and iMovie.

I wanted to introduce a Mathematics concept without actually telling the students what it was. This way they could analyse the iMovie trailer and collect evidence on what the concept might be. This way the students are already gaining knowledge on the topic even before they know what it is.

Then I created the worksheet to get the students to record their thinking as they were watching the Movie trailer.

Finally I put it all together in an Augmented Reality experience that made the viewing of the content seamless and engaging. The kids loved this concept, especially the searching for clues within the iMovie trailer! Here is the result:


Monday, 9 September 2013

Augmented Reality and teaching kids to Code

In my latest Augmented Reality experiment I have combined two of my passions! Teaching kids to Code and Augmented Reality. I have been introducing my Year 5 students to the language of Code this term and I have been wanting to cater for all my learners. Especially those who need extra consolidation.

Using the Hopscotch App, my students have been creating their own digital games. I thought I would use Aurasma to help consolidate these lessons. Here is the result.

I continue to look for Augmented Reality opportunities in my class to consolidate, differentiate and enhance learning with my students.

AR Rocks!


Friday, 6 September 2013

Augmented Reality in Education experiment mixing App Topia and Aurasma

Augmented Reality in Education experiment mixing App Topia and Aurasma to create a conceptual learning experience for students. We look at fictitious worlds and creatures and relating that to real life worlds and species.
All free, information and downloadable worksheets can be found at:!ar-experiments-aurasma/c23ku

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Educational Augmented Reality Experiments

PauI's Aurasma Channel is Free and explores learning opportunities Augmented Reality brings to Education. Simple subscribe to Paul's Aurasma Channel at:

Or search for AR Educational Experiments

Download these educational worsheets (print images) and watch the magic. Students become engaged in the learning experiences like never before. These are just experiments and worksheet may not be full completed.

MORE info at:!ar-experiments-aurasma/c23ku