Friday, 1 February 2013

Why schools need to explore Augmented Reality!

I was first exposed to Augmented Reality about 18 months ago. From the very start I thought it was a magical and powerful tool for learning. As I started experimenting with AR it became more evident that AR was more than a flashy trend that would die a slow death like many other edtech trends over the past year.

Why did I become excited about AR in Education?
1. It harnessed and built on the students need/natural curiosity to explore and discover.
2. It allowed me as a teacher to Personalise Learning.
3. It made direct connections between detail images and key concepts.

18 months later I am even more excited about what AR can do in Education. I continue to make connections with teaching and learning and I have seen first hand that AR is more powerful/relevant than QR codes and traditional links. The proof is watching and testing the students who are using AR. This is more than engagement, this is engagement in learning!

About the Author:
Creator of the Science AR App, the critically acclaimed educational app Formative Feedback for Learning and the revolutionary iBook series My Prep Year, Paul Hamilton is changing the way digital content is being delivered in schools.

Apple Distinguished Educator Class of 2013. Paul is a leader in the implementation of Augmented Reality in schools to improve learning outcomes, Professional Development of staff with integration of ICTs, and has expertise in the implementation of mobile devices into pedagogical frameworks.

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