Friday, 26 July 2013

Have we lost our way with Augmented Reality in Education?

Why do we use technology in our classroom? Eye Candy? Because it's cool? Of course the answer is NO, but why do we keep making the same mistakes?

Let's take a look at Augmented Reality in Education as an example. The eye candy - irrelevant 3D models! Dinosaurs and crazy animated characters jumping of the screen. Big impact - Absolutely. Engaging? Absolutely! But engaged in what? The learning process? Maybe not.

Let's use Augmented Reality in classrooms to:

engage in the learning process
teach/explore key learning concepts
persuade the mind

Next time you use Aurasma or any other AR platform ask yourself "why am I doing this with my students?"

We know ICT integration should have reason and purpose. We have a responsibility to teach in a manner that reflects our philosophical beliefs.


  1. Augmented Reality is becoming more and more apart of our life’s when using iDevices or mobile technology. Augmented Reality technology is combining real world images, videos, sounds etc with computer-generated information and/or imagery.

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